donderdag 25 augustus 2011

$13k in the first 24 hours

Man-child is an independent feature film that explores sports, education, religion, and sex in America through the eyes of a talented 13 year-old basketball player.

The film is the first feature by Koo, who co-wrote, directed, shot and edited the Webby Award-winning web series The West Side. He also runs the independent filmmaking web site NoFilmSchool. The campaign is using a $1-per-frame format on Kickstarter, where every dollar pledged equals one unique frame of the finished film. The script for Man-child was also accepted to IFP's Emerging Narrative Program.

In 2009, the NCAA lowered the age limit on who can be considered an official basketball "prospect" to include 7th graders. While there have been a number of basketball films made about high school, college, or pro athletes, today's recruiting -- legal and illegal -- begins much earlier. It's a fascinating and treacherous world which often leaves big decisions in the hands of little kids.


dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Sometimes even we are touched by a Crowdfunding project

Vocalist Muriel Louveau and composer Charles Kim produced the CD Skana entirely in cyber space. The concept of staging Skana as a mixed journey with compatible artists who follow the same cyber creative process came as a natural consequence. We are invited to create a live theatrical version joined by dancer Emily Pope Blackman and conceive Skana, Goddesses and More as a co bill event with composer Milica Paranosic. The show is scheduled on 9/27 in NY at Galapagos Art Space. We need financial support to cover the production costs for rehearsals, equipment rental & artist fees. This campaign is vital to launch our
project. This is the first step towards a future multimedia show we aim to develop.

If you want to support this project, click here