vrijdag 14 mei 2010

The rise and rise of Crowdfunding

The last decades a major digitalization of the world economy is unfolding itself. The internet has begun to play a more and more vital role in our current economy. Not just in economic sense the internet has had a destructive way of changing the way we perceive ‘business as usual’ but also on psychological and sociological level the internet will contuniously play a crucial role in shifting the ‘real’ economy and society towards a digital one.
Matters that normally took place in the real-life economy are now taking place over the internet for the sake of speed and efficiency. And it works! Parts of real-life economy are disappearing and being replaced by entities working entirely over the internet.
The power of the internet implies a different way of looking to our social, economic and psychological processes we know today. In this blog I will focus on ways how entrepreneurship as an act on itself, as well as all the supporting activities around starting a business, or starting a new project as an existing company, can be improved significantly by making use of the internet in more innovative ways. The goal should be to make realizing an idea and starting an actual business much easier by combining ‘crowd sourcing’ and ‘crowd funding’. Doing so starting a company becomes a group effort, and we think will even increase the success rate.What do you think?


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