donderdag 1 juli 2010

"Failing system banks, sprouting technologies and chicken-hearted governments" It is Crowdfunding Time!!

It has been a while since my latest post regarding Crowdfunding, the recently opened Twitter account for Crowdfundnews was taking up all my time, thanks by the way for all people who started following Crowdfundnews on Twitter and thank you even more for the reaction and questions, I’ve enjoyed reading and answering them.

As this blog is dedicated to inform you about the market for Crowdsourcing and Crowdfudning initiatives it seems valuable once and a while to take a look at the market for Crowdfunding. A very complete list can be found on of all initiatives identified.

The thing that strikes me most is that all the initiatives are more or less focusing on the soft side of Crowdfunding, whereas in my opinion, the market for equity based Crowdfunding is not only large but also more pressing and interesting in respect to economic growth and prosperity for the Crowdfunder as well as the Crowdfundee. The only real barrier preventing such an initiative to come up are the legal implications of a Crowdfunding model. The main problem lies in the fact that most legislation is based upon old business methods and conducts, and yes it used to mean something if one was investing in stock!

Developments form technological driven companies have given us the tools to all become super investors, spotting new Google’s and Apple’s and cashing in on developments from driven entrepreneurs that conceive the value of having a crowd. Unfortunate governments are not that open minded towards new economic developments, especially after the credit crunch that could well be further enhanced by the global magnitude of their failing policies.
Despite aid packages being distributed to most of the system banks, most capital searches of entrepreneurs at banks led to nothing more than frustration and failure. This neglect of (nascent) entrepreneurs and their credit needs should stop right away and together we can.

As of now, I will fully devote my time, team and resources to the realization of an equity based Crowdfunding platform, however somethings of this magnitude cannot be realized by oneself, so I will need your help. Let me know where you see added value for Crowdfunders as well as Crowdfundees and don’t withhold any feature requests, I’m convinced that together we can change the way we do business permanently for the better.

Kind regards,

Thomas Crowd


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  1. To focus on a single point, I completely agree about there being a pressing market for equity based crowdfunding.

    There's been an emergence of a lot of matchmaker services but few real funds appearing.

    Really enjoying the content you're putting up.