dinsdag 23 november 2010

Introducing LoudSauce Alpha

Recently a new Crowdfunding platform named LoudSauce entered the Crowdfunding arena with a somewhat deviating mission as one would expect from a Crowdfunding platform. Nevertheless the idea is spot on and this application of Crowdfunding is considerably different from others and therefore worth writing about.
So what is that sets LoudSauce apart from other Crowdfunding platforms? According to their mission statement, LoudSauce is the first Crowdfunded media buying platform that lets users spread the word about ideas that matter. As many inspiring projects and organizations have limited awareness and poor marketing. LoudSauce believes that Crowdfunded media buying can bridge this marketing gap by reaching new audiences beyond the social networks of those organizations. But are they right?

To some extent, I think they are. Their focus on inspiring projects and organizations makes it easier for possible believers (mainstream public) to relate to specific campaigns on their platform. Thereby the direct link with the real world (i.e. the direct results Crowdfunders can experience once their campaign is out there) must yield more satisfaction among believers, stimulating the dispersion of the service.  

Their hypothesis; that funding advertising maximizes believers impact by reaching completely new communities for believers their favorite causes seems to be valid. Although the actual results for the campaign owners are debatable (at least from a marketing perspective), the concept on itself embraces a more individualistic approach towards charity/good causes and also links direct real world results to online actions, something charities always have been struggling with. The only question marks are the actual funding targets as advertising space is expensive, they will need a considerable Crowd to lift their idea to a full-fledged marketing funding machine.

Despite the disadvantage above I do believe in their approach and I’m sure we will hear more about their developments. For everyone who wants to try LoudSauce, there are two campaigns already live…check it out and let us know what you think!

Kind regards,

Thomas Crowd


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