woensdag 11 mei 2011

Dutch Equity Based Crowdfunding platform presents Exclusivi

The recently launched Equity-based Crowdfunding platform www.mkbcrowdfunding.nl features some of its latest proposition via www.crowdsourcing.org. The platform uses the innovative construction developed by the Dutch company Symbid. One of the selected propositions is Exclusivi. The idea for Exclusivi was developed by Anthony Carter.

Exclusivi is a new mobile application which shows you in your favorite shopping area any special offers that are exclusive to members only. So how does this concept exactly work which is unique in the Netherlands? First you download the free application from www.exclusivi.nl to your Smartphone. Once the application is running, you'll see a list of special deals in your neighborhood. Such a deal could be for example a free pair of Levi's jeans when you walk into a specific clothing store as one of the first one hundred customers. The application will display a promotion code that you show to the cashier. The coolest feature is that the application can also notify you automatically of any special offers in your area. This way you do not have to open the application and go through the list of deals every time. Isn’t this easy! Partners can publish their deals for free. The application is soon available on multiple platforms.
Also check this guerilla marketing video made by Anthony:

Link to pitch

The Crowd can use www.mkbcrowdfunding.nl for investing in Exclusivi’s Equity. For more information about Exclusivi check their Crowdfunding page or their website.  


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