zondag 26 juni 2011


As you may have noticed, I’ve been into the CROWDFUNDING subject quite a bit lately, and have, among other things, supported filmmakers to raise funds for their film projects that way. 
At the moment I am collaborating with the Berlin based director/producer Claudia Rorarius to organise and promote the theatrical and DVD release of her Film CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM
The story follows its protagonist, Gianni Meurer, on a trip from Berlin to Italy. There, Gianni, a man in his early thirties, wants to search for his father, whom he has last seen 25 years ago. Aside from faded childhood memories, all Gianni has left from his father are a few letters and a photo. Gianni shows this photo to everyone he meets on his way to Rome, because that is where he believes his father to be.
In August 2011, CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM will premiere in German cinemas and inspire many people, notably indie-filmmakers, road movie- and drama enthusiasts, friends of the Italian Cinema, people in search of their true identity, homosexuals and lesbians or people with bi-national background. 
Subsequent to it’s German theatrical premiere the film is to be released for international audiences and will be marketed internationally via DVD and download. 
For this last tour de force we are still lacking the necessary change. Therefore we have launched a crowdfunding campaign on startnext for our German speaking fans. Additionally, for our audiences outside Germany, we are running an international campaign on IndieGoGo.
We need to raise a total of about EUR 15.000 to be able to produce the necessary film copies, create subtitles, produce various promotional materials (posters, postcards, trailers, etc.), record audio comments, author the DVD and to organise press screenings etc.
If you are able to support this project, please click on the widget below or spread this article among your friends on facebook and twitter or via email. For your financial support we offer some nice perks, such as a personalised „Thank-You“-video from our leading actor Gianni Meurer, a signed film poster, a DVD, an invitation to the opening night or even a dinner with the director.
Feel free to follow CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM on Facebook or stay up-to-date viaTwitter. In a few days there also will be a blog online, where you can find all the news about the theatrical release and the funding.
Until then, all that’s left for me to do is to show you the video to our crowdfunding campaign (including a trailer):

Payoff: This guestpost is a translation of the original german text "CHI L'HA VISTO in die Kinos bringen!" by Wolfgang Gumpelmaier, translated by Spoxx.

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