vrijdag 2 september 2011

Beans, recession and crowdfunding

Tired with the City life, constantly surrounded by talk of the "double-dip recession", broke unable even to buy a card for their mother's birthday, and with daily intakes of cheese-on-toast at new all time highs, James Bailey and Tarkan Ahmet decided that the only thing to do, was to 'go it alone'. Armed with a box of highlighters and a MacBook, they went about turning their idea of crowdfunding into reality....6 months on, 223 tins of baked beans down and www.PleaseFund.Us is live.

"PleaseFund.Us is an exciting British startup that will harness social networks and viral marketing to raise money for creative projects in a time when funding for the arts has been drastically cut. We are building an online community that are looking to support new and innovative ideas through a pledge system of financial backing." source: James Bailey - www.PleaseFund.Us Founder.

Creative ideas can be showcased on PleaseFund.Us to a community that is passionate about funding exciting new projects, as well as looking for exclusive and unique pledge rewards. Since its launch on 20th August this year, PleaseFund.Us already has over 4000 followers on Twitter, 1000 likes on facebook, and is already supporting several exciting and innovative projects.

The official launch party is at Cargo nightclub in Shoreditch, London on Wednesday 7th September, starting from 7pm. This marks one of the founder's birthdays and provides an opportunity to network, meet the Community, share a drink with the PleaseFund.Us team and hear 'Enfant' perform some of their new DJ material live.

Twitter: @PleaseFundUs
Facebook: /PleaseFund.Us
Website: www.PleaseFund.Us
E-mail: Hi@PleaseFund.Us

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