woensdag 23 november 2011


After a successful debut in Argentina and Chile, IDEAME lands in Mexico
Mexico, November 23, 2011 – IDEAME (www.idea.me) launches its platform for the  Mexican market becoming the first crowdfunding platform operating across different countries in Latin America.

IDEAME is a Latin American crowdfunding company for creative and artistic talent in the region. The fundamental goal of IDEAME is to provide financial support for creative and artistic Latin American talent in all their expressions turning their ideas into reality on a global stage. “Our platform seeks to secure financing for creative projects in Latin America in a variety of areas, including music, cinema, visual arts, design, fashion, innovation and technology. Since our launch in August, we have seen several projects that successfully reached their funding goals in Argentina and Chile. It is a very positive sign for the rest of the region.” highlights Sebastian Uchitel, CEO of IDEAME.

“The landing of our platform into Mexico is part of our strategy to become the main regional player in Latin America. Mexico presents an amazing talent pool. Besides, social networking and electronic commerce have grown significantly over the last years within the country”.
How it Works?
The mechanism is simple: the "creator" of a project presents his initiative with the economic objective needed to raise and pursue it, within a specified period. The public works financially in exchange for various prizes, rewards or experiences depending on the amount of collaboration. If the project meets the economic objective within the stipulated period, the creator gets the funding for the project, develops, and delivers the promised rewards. Failure to achieve its economic goal, the money is returned to those who contributed.

Who trust us?

The company has secured the support of a group of investors of notable prestige with a solid track record in online and creative throughout the region. “Among the investors are Eduardo Costantini Jr. (who served as executive director of the MALBA Museum for five years, cofounder of MUBI and president of Costa Films), Boris Hirmas Said (vice chairman of Yellow Pepper and a member of the Latin American Committee of the Tate Museum in London) and Wenceslao Casares (founder of Patagon and Bling Nation), just to name a few of the most prominent investors,” added Mariano Suarez Battan, the renowned entrepreneur who sold his company Three Melons to Playdom/Disney in 2010 and one of the cofounders of IDEAME.“There is an extraordinary pool of creative and innovative talent in Latin America which faces obstacles to find funding. IDEAME will fill that void by providing the necessary resources for those artists to turn their dreams into reality, and we think it’s a great initiative,” said Boris Hirmas Said, Vice-Chairman of IDEAME.


The fundamental goal of IDEAME is to provide financial support for creative and artistic Latin American talent in all their expressions turning their ideas into reality on a global stage. IDEAME allows creators and artists to share their ideas with an online community, providing those members with the opportunity to take an active role in the development and execution of various projects and initiatives all on one platform. For more information, visit www.idea.me or send an e-mail to prensa@idea.me

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