woensdag 4 januari 2012

Norwegian twins revolutionizing 3D eyewear

One night a couple of years ago, Einy and I  went to see a 3D movie. We were mesmerized by the new phase of the 3D technology, but really disliked the 3D glasses we were given. We were confident we could design more stylish and comfortable glasses, so we took the challenge on a straight arm. We had always wanted to start our own business, but hadn’t had the right idea for a product. Finally we had one – designer 3D glasses!

We decided to start with a soft-launch with only one model, “Popcorn”, and were lucky to get attention from press worldwide. Since my sister and I were full-time students at University of Southern California at the time, we started the company as a side project. However, Ingri:Dahl, quickly became a full-time workload. At that point we knew we were ready to expand the number of styles we could offer.

A few months later we launched the collection as a part of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. Not long after we were lucky to become involved with the 3D Film Festival, which was hosted by the HBO-star, Thomas Jane. Through both events we were able to create a lot of buzz around the brand. Our business is on a rise and we know there is an increasing demand. The technology that we use is becoming more common in 3D TVs, and you can use these same glasses at the movie theater. But unfortunately we have run out of capital. We have emptied our pockets, and have no way to fund our spring collection. We are in need of external funding to complete this collection, and therefore took our project to Kickstarter. We are seeking 10,000 dollars to fund the collection, as well as a photo shoot. In this writing moment, 114 backers have supported our project and a total amount of 2500 dollars has been pledged.
for more information: http://www.ingridahl.com/pages/pics

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